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Our Story

The Big Question...It all began the night of January 14th, 2003. This Tuesday night was Dean's Date at Princeton University. Dean's Date is the semester deadline for all written work to be turned in. Ryan met up with some of the other Footnotes (his a cappella group) to celebrate the fall term nearing its end. Layla, one of Ryan's friends through social events at Princeton Tower Club, happened to live in Rachel's dorm at Westminster Choir College (also in Princeton). Against her better judgement, Rachel decided to go out with Layla to the Dean's Date party. Rachel did not really know anyone at the club and Ryan noticed that Layla had deserted her, so he introduced himself to Rachel. After finding much in common with each other (eerily, probably TOO much in common) and <insert mushy attraction comments here>, Ryan asked her out the following weekend.

What would Rachel say?Rachel and Ryan's first date started at Teresa's Restaurant in Princeton. When they discovered each other's passion for food (especially for dessert!), they knew it was meant to be. Because dinner must be followed by a movie, they went to see "Chicago" at the Garden Theatre (which turned out to be a great first date movie).

In June 2003, Ryan moved down to Richmond, Virginia to pursue a career in Corporate Strategy at CarMax. Rachel still had a year of school left to obtain her music degree, and ended up staying another 1 1/2 years in Princeton to obtain her master's degree in vocal pedogogy. Almost every other Friday night after work, Ryan would make the 5-hour drive to Princeton, only to have to return to Richmond by Sunday afternoon. Following the December 2005 holidays, Rachel was finally able to move down to Richmond to be with Ryan.

This recent October, Ryan and Rachel were ready to take the next step in their relationship. After Ryan made a trip to New York to find a ring suitable for his princess, Rachel was expecting to receive it right away, but Ryan had other plans. The weekend of the proposal, they both went to get massages, and Rachel was expecting to find an engagement ring in her jewelry envelope at the end of the therapy - no such luck. YES! They then went out for ice cream (a most popular date venue for them), but still no ring. The next day, they went for a run together and Ryan insisted that he bring his Fuel Belt (water bottles + extra pocket) - Rachel figured the ring HAD to be in the extra pocket, but when they returned, all he'd kept there was the apartment key. Finally, at the end of that day, Rachel had been home cleaning the apartment. Ryan came home with dessert (yes, more sweets): 2 ice cream cupcakes - the first said "Marry", the second said "Me?" and set them and the ring presentation up in the family room. In the middle of cleaning house, Rachel asked Ryan if he'd like to help. Ryan suggested "Let's have dessert first" and walked Rachel over to the surprise. Rachel's response to Ryan's big question was "OK!" Ryan asked "OK?" Rachel then said "FINE!" Ryan said "Fine?" Rachel rephrased, "Sure!" Ryan was getting impatient, and demanded to know for certain - "'YES' or 'NO'? Pick one!" Rachel said "Yes, Yes, Yes!" They both ate the cupcakes, and then finished cleaning the apartment together.